Version 1.0b of DeltaWave is the initial beta release of this software. Use at your own risk!

What do I need to run DeltaWave?

DeltaWave runs on Microsoft Windows and required .NET 4.6 framework to be installed. The software is very CPU and memory intensive, recommended configuration at least an I7 4-core processor and 8GB or more of RAM.

PLEASE NOTE: The software will run somewhat slowly for the first time. It will be significantly faster after this. Please let it complete the computation before closing it at least once, so that it can run much faster the next time!

Give it to me already!

Here you go: Download 64-bit (highly recommended)

Download 32-bit

This is an early beta version of the software and is set to expire in 60 days.

Please check this website before then to get an updated copy!

Once the file downloads, extract the installer from ZIP archive and run it to install. Follow prompts.